Historic Preservation

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Scavenger Hunt Boundaries:
​Both sides of Jefferson Avenue between 25th and 27th Streets

Preserving the Past to Make the Future

History of Ogden

The first settlement in Ogden was in 1846 by Trapper Miles Goodyear at a trading post named Fort Buenaventura. It was purchased in 1847 by Mormon settlers and renamed "Brownsville."

The name was later changed to Ogden, named after Peter Skene Ogden from the Hudson Bay Fur Trapping Company. When the railroad arrived in 1869, Ogden became the "junction" of the railroad lines because passengers had to switch trains in Ogden in order to continue their journey.
  1. Historic Districts

    Read about regions of your city that have a story to tell.

  2. Historic Sites

    In addition to historic districts, Ogden also has individual buildings that are important to the history of Ogden and its development.

  3. Ogden Landmarks Commission

    The Landmarks Commission was established in 1980 and is charged with preserving Ogden City’s historic resources.

  4. Policies

    Review the historic preservation policies in your community.