Local Artist Database

We are in the process of collecting information from local artists and craftspeople to create an artist database so that the Ogden community can have a central location to find craftspeople and artists of different genres for projects, commissions and collaborations.

When this project is complete hopefully having your information on this site will not only help to increase the amount of work you receive, but keep you informed on what is happening with the arts in Ogden. 

Please join our local artist database.

Click HERE to join.

*Once your application has been reviewed internally your information will be added below. 


Find a local artist here

Artist's Name Website/Social Media Email  Type of Art
Emily Ann Facebook email Drawing, Miscellaneous, Painting
Carlos Araujo chuckdraco.deviantart.com email Computer, Drawing, Painting, Pastel
James Argo iad.design email Computer, Furniture Making, Miscellaneous, Sculpture
Krystal Atkinson krystalandcophoto.com email Photography/Film
Alan Avis izartist.deviantart.com email Drawing
Chris Bodily Hatrobot.com email Drawing
Rico Brent @stoned_masons801  email Computer, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Photography/Film, Printmaking 
Lorie Buckley loriebuckley.com email Painting, Printmaking
Bryan Butterfield imageandfilm.com email Mixed Media, Photography/Film
Makade Campbell Instagram email Drawing, Graphic Design, Miscellaneous, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography/Film, Street Art/Murals
Collin Chandler Cnchandler.com email Painting
Vanessa Colunga Colungaart.com email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Lauren Crest laurencrestillustration.com email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting 
Sky Dodds Skydodds.com email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Venus Donahue artworkbyvenus email Ceramics, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Pastel, Sculpture, Street Art/Murals, Woodworking
Jessica Douglas Jessicamdouglas.com email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Cassidy Eames cassidyeames.wixsite.com/mysite email Graphic Design, Photography/Film
Kaden Ficklin artink.tumblr.com email Drawing, Graphic Design, Mixed Media
Melissa Flattery  mlflatteryartist.com email Drawing, Jewelry Design, Miscellaneous, Mixed Media, Painting 
Carol Merrill-Flitton merrillfinearts.com email Painting
Jane Font paintingwithjane.com email Painting 
Vince Font glassspiderpublishing.com email Publisher, Miscellaneous 
Aman Gada  Amangada.myportfolio.com email Photography/Film, Printmaking 
Roberta Glidden RobertaGlidden.com email Drawing, Painting, Pastel
Pamela Godwin photosideshow.com email Photography/Film 
Anna Hawthorn Instagram email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Jessica Hollon phototekinc.com email Architecture, Drawing, Painting, Photography/Film
Stephanie Howerton ourchildrensearth.org email Textiles 
Mike Hurst  hurstshandblownglass.mysite.com email Jewelry Design, Miscellaneous, Sculpture 
Lindsay Huss Facebook  email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Pastels, Photography/Film, Printmaking
Shanna Kunz Shannakunz.com email Painting
Kasey LaRose circa3.com email Photography/Film
Michelle Larsen michellelarsenmfa.blogspot.com email Painting
Allison Lord allisonlordphotography.com email Photography/Film
Erica Lyon ericalyonart.com email Drawing, Miscellaneous, Mixed Media, Painting 
Jake McIntire Unioncreativeagency.com email Computer, Furniture Making, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Woodworking
Hollie McKeeth holliemckeeth.com email Drawing, Graphic Design, Miscellaneous, Mixed Media
Christina Miller crellim.com email Miscellaneous, Mixed Media, Photography/Film
Kylie Montes(Kiki Coquette) Facebook email Miscellaneous, Mixed Media, Photography/Film, Textiles 
Ryan Moyer ryanmoyer.com email Photography/Film
Kayla Nickerson Instagram email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Street Art/ Murals
Alison Neville alisondneville.com email Drawing, Miscellaneous, Mixed Media, Painting, Textiles 
Candice Ortiz gaiahenna.com email Henna, Miscellaneous  
Sonia Pentz soniapentz.blogspot.com email Mixed Media, Painting, Pastel, Sculpture 
Amie Preston oigidesign.com email Jewelry Design
Dan Price 1-dan-price.pixels.com email Drawing, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography/Film
Haley Rodgers Facebook email Floral Designs, Miscellaneous 
Suzanne Rubin artfulwondering.com email Mixed Media, Painting 
Mark Seawell Markseawellphotography.com email Photography/Film
Tim Sessions thisisogden.com email Graphic Design, Miscellaneous, Photography/Film, Textiles
Nathan Shumate nathanshumate.com email Computer, Drawing, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculpture
Ryan Smith lifescapeswest.com email Photography/Film
Susan Snyder snydersj.wordpress.com email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting 
Steve Stones stevestonesart.wordpress.com email Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Suzanne Storer suzannestorer.com email Drawing, Sculpture
Rene Venegas galleonsgold.blogspot.com email Jewelry Design 
Katrina Whitney no website  email Miscellaneous, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography/Film, Sculpture, Textiles
Bernadene Whitten ourearthlytreasures.com email Jewelry Design